I know not to worry now that we have Ace Pitcher Gustavo Chacon available

(Yeah, I know not to worry now that we have Ace Pitcher Gustavo Chacon available) and wondering why it is an absolute NONO to have the setup guy pitch more than 1 inning.Anyway, it didn't matter because the Dbax manager, replica Bvlgari BB23SS/12 Ladie's watch following the same unswerving Rules, sent out his middle reliever to pitch the bottom of the 9th, instead of his setup guy.He forgot that Ex-Stro Juan Gutierrez had been so successful last night because the HP umpire was channelling 1997 Eric Gregg.

You have to let a guy settle in a little bit,” he said.“Look at me, I'm hitting .200.Does that mean I'm going to end up hitting .230? Absolutely not.As an organization, you have to identify your talent and say, We believe in this guy,' and then give him a replica Chopard 278238-3003 watch chance to play.Seventy at-bats is not a chance.That's a very, very small sliver of the season.Nothing against Hunter.I think he deserves to be here.I think he's going to do great when he gets a chance.But then my question is, what if Hunter comes up and struggles after 60 or 70 at-bats?

The question is, who?The 5 current starters are Wandy Rodriguez, Jared Gothreaux, Ezequiel Astacio, Taylor Buchholz and Carlos Hernandez.Hernandez has never come back from shoulder surgery.I doubt he ever will.Travis Driskill had replica Tissot T52.1.281.31 Ladie's watch success with Baltimore starting over the past few years, but was just signed a few weeks ago and needs more work..Dave Burba hasn’t started in the bigs in 2 years.Buchholz had shoulder surgery this offseason and, um, isn’t sharp.This leaves Rodriguez, Gothreaux and Astacio.

there is no such thing as either loyalty or decency and McLane's putting Biggio's

It's all a business, as Bagwell said so bitterly last year, and there is no such thing as either loyalty or decency and McLane's putting Biggio's 3000 hit parade above everything else is showing its weaknesses.Biggio is gonna play basically every home game, and probably every away game against leftys until he gets 48 more hits, and then replica Chopard 278478-2002 watch Loretta will take over.There is absolutely no place for Burke on the team.Poor guy.Man, I would love to be a fly on the wall in that clubhouse I would bet there are some VERY unhappy, VERY angry guys.(Lance is the only one who has come out and said so as he told Alyson Footer: ” benching Burke is a horrible move.

256 BAnd we get to see The Professor again absolutely amazing pitcher drafted in 1984 in the second round by the Cubs out of high school I'm sure you know the Rest Of The Story 17 years of 15+ wins year, the 4 Cy Youngs, the Ring with replica Tissot T14.1.486.52 Men's watch Atlanta's only WS team all those years with the first Big Three Glavine, Smoltz and Maddux.Second on the top 10 list of lowest BB 9 IP right behind Robin Roberts (according to Lee Sinins , among the lowest ERA as compared to league average.

240 BAA.at the Box: note the difference 3-1 in 4 GS with 2 HR, 2 BB and 20 K in 25.2 IP with a 4.56 ERA, 1.32 WHIP and .308 BAA.I don't know if any ML team has ever been shut out 3 games in a row.At least since they raised the mound.But we'd better start hitting, like NOW.Obviously, Duckworth stunk up the joint and shouldn't start any more.No argument there.We need a 5th starter.No argument there.We don't really have a long man already on the ML roster Chad Qualls used to be a starter, but he doesn't throw more than 2 innings at a time and hasn't for over a year, so…we HAVE to bring someone replica Tissot T34.1.728.52 Men's watch up from the minors.

NOW what do yall think about who should be called up?- BTW

Gothreaux had 1 4 BAD starts, Astacio had 2 5Ok yall, NOW what do yall think about who should be called up?- BTW, if anyone thinks that either Hirsh or Nieve should be called up from AA before one of these 3, let's hear it and why.Cubs replica Tissot T36.1.316.72 Men's watch weekend.Ugh.Tickets dirt cheap here, I guess, compared to Wrigley, so a lot of Cub fans (thousands, no kidding) get these weekend travel deals to fly here and get 3 games in.They are, um, louder, ahem, than any other fans who come to the Box and well, let's just say that the beer vendors roll out the welcome mat and they sure look REAL unhappy come Monday night…..

And lousy as our boys been playin, I'm SURE they happy to get off the road and come home to, dare I say, the friendly confines…replica Tissot T90.4.136.91 Ladie's watch.Anyway, tonight it's Roger vs The Professor, Greg Maddux Two of the best RHP of all time Power vs Craft.AHh.Pitchers' duels I love em.As long as we win em…..Of course you know Roger has been Mr.Hard Luck this year the team has given him exactly ONE run of support over 28 innings and he now has 23 consecutive scoreless innings.last year vs Chicago: 2 2 in 5 GS with 2 HR, 10 BB, 27 K in 32.1 IP with a 3.90 ERA and a .

That one was easy.What is NOT going to be easy is to decide what to do when White comes back I suppose Albers, no matter how well he is pitching, is going back down when Jennings comes off the DL.I would guess that they are kind of going to give a replica Chopard 288964-3003 watch week window to Pence and see what he does.If he tears it up, they are gonna hafta send SOMEone down release someone and that isn't gonna be pretty.Interesting that Chris Burke has gotten the same kind of screwing from this team that Jason Lane got.They should be fair to the poor guy and work out some kind of trade yeah, I know they own him for another 3 years and he can spend it in the minors for all they care, but it looks bad, it really does.

I guess we should be happy that SOMEONE getting on base

Adam ain't zackly Pujols with the bat, but he's sure nuff better than Bruntlett.We had 7 H and 4 BB and we left 7 MOB.I guess we should be happy that SOMEONE getting on base…replica Tissot T41 Men's watch Ezequiel Astacio might could be called up again for the Pittsburgh series this week.These are the available box scores (from baseballamerica) from games pitched by Astacio, Gothreaux and Wandy Rodriguez:NO available pitch counts…HOU E.Astacio4 28 like Rodriguez is actually the K king didn't know that it's Astacio with the rep, but Rodriguez pitches fewer innings start not sure why.

Yessiree, he's gonna make Lance hit something besides double plays and piddly singles and make Lee hit more than a few singles up the middle and sac flies.Lee's actually hitting better with bases empty than with runners on.I'm dying to know how long the replica Chopard 27 6145-23 watch fans are gonna give Pence before they demand he gets sent back down if he fails.He's gonna get SOME kind of honeymoon, just as Lee is getting.Meanwhile, Randolph is going back to A after pitching 1.1 innings and giving up 1 homer.

Over the past few years, lefty batters have a .650 OPS against him and righty batters have a .790 OPS against.So naturally, Mills sends up 2 lefty pinch hitters.Which reminds me is anyone going to explain why we kept Sullivan, who has NO skills and can't hit, instead of Towles, who hits better and at least can catch? What is with the love affair with Sullivan?Anyway, I worried that the Rule that all managers apparently MUST follow replica Bvlgari CH40SSDTA Men's watch which is that in the event of a tie game going into the 8th IF your starter is done, you MUST pitch the setup guy ONLY in the 8th and the closer ONLY in the 9th would backfire if the Astros didn't do what they are “supposed” to do according to that rule and come back in the bottom of the 9th.


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The report followed a story in the National Enquirer that a DNA test proves Edwards; paternity of 18-month-old Frances. The National Enquirer, which broke the original story about the extramarital affair between Edwards and Hunter, cited multiple sources in reporting that Edward took a secret DNA test for paternity. The former replica Rolex watch senator and presidential candidate has previously denied that he is the baby’s father; his wife Elizabeth has said she doesn;t know the girl’s paternity. The Enquirer quotes a close friend of Hunter’s:

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